Rockman et al - In the Press

November 2015:
Congratulations to Scott Burg and colleague Liz Bandy on their blog series for KQED! Check out Disrupting Public Media here.
Along with her REA projects, Jen Borland is now the Executive Producer at TEDxBloomington.
A project that Rockman is evaluating for longtime client SoundVision Productions, called The really Big Questions, is featured in a article called "Show asking The Really Big Questions brings Dean Olsher back to radio".
Youth Radio's STEM programs are featured on the National Science Foundation's Science Nation online magazine, in a video called "STEM is 'on the air' at Youth Radio". Rockman has been evaluating Youth Radio's NSF-funded STEM programs since 2006.
Rockman's evaluation study of San Jose State University's School of Library Information and Science's Circle of Learning (COL) program is featured in the COL Fall 2013 Newsletter (page 6). COL is an IMLS supported program to provide scholarships and other support to American Indians and Alaska natives who want to earn a fully online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree.
Rockman conducted focus groups for KQED's national QUEST project. This work is referenced in the Columbia Journalism Review in an article called "QUEST’s quest for sustainability journalism".
Globaloria, one of Rockman's clients, has been named a 2013 Laureate of The Tech Awards, honoring their efforts to use technology to benefit humanity.
Rockman's evaluation of National History Day is referenced in an Education Week article called "Reviving History Instruction: What's Old Is New Again".
Get Invested, a project Rockman is evaluating for the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, has just been awarded the 2013 California Superintendent's Award for Excellence in Museum Education. The Superintendent's Awards for Excellence in Museum Education competition is a joint project between the California Association of Museums (CAM) and the California Office of the State Superintendent of Public Education. The award will be presented at the CAM Annual Conference in February. The program principals from CHM and our senior researcher, Scott Burg, will be in attendance.
Rockman's study of the Smithsonian Institute's Shout Program is featured in the Visitor Studies Association's e-newsletter. The article is called "Studying what we cannot see: Evaluating the behaviors of participants who are present, but not active in online programs and events".
A program that Rockman is evaluating – New Visions for Public Schools' Accessing Algebra through Inquiry (A2i) – is the subject of an article in the New York City public schools news source called Gotham Schools. The article is called "For some high school math teachers, a Common Core head start".
Rockman's museum work with the Computer History Museum and the New York Hall of Science is referenced in the Museum Education Monitor.
Rockman's evaluation of Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT)'s hands-on teaching materials is referenced in a Marketwire press release called "RAFT Hands-On Learning Model Promotes Achievement in Bay Area Schools".
Rockman's evaluation of National History Day is referenced in a KHON2 story called "Hawaii Teacher and Students Awarded at National History Day."
Rockman's evaluation of National History Day is referenced in the Citybizlist Baltimore article called "Students From Across The State To Compete In History Contest".
Rockman's evaluation of National History Day is featured in the Education Week article called "'National History Day' Lifts Achievement, Study Finds" by Erik Robelen.
Rockman's evaluation of the University of California Museum of Paleontology's Understanding Evolution website is featured in the Science magazine article called "Science 101: Building the Foundations for Real Understanding" by Thanukos et al.
The Rosetta Stone website features findings from an evaluation study conducted by Rockman on the effectiveness of the Rosetta Stone solution. Click here to download the report.
Saul Rockman is quoted in the Education Week article called "Research Shows Evolving Picture of E-Education" by Debra Viadero.
Saul Rockman is quoted in the Education Week article called "Ed. Dept. Issues Inaugural Guide For Evaluating Online Learning" by Andrew Trotter.
Saul Rockman is quoted in the Education Week article called "Companies Targeting Low-Cost 'Netbooks' Directly at Education" by Andrew Trotter.
Technology and Learning Magazine features an article based on a study conducted by Grunwald Associates, in partnership with Rockman, on the use of Intel-based Mac computers in five school districts across the United States.
Saul Rockman is quoted in the Education Week's Technology Counts issue.
Saul Rockman is featured in the SF Business Times's Entrepreneur Profile section.
Saul Rockman is interviewed by the morning news staff at KDKA radio, Pittsburgh. The topic of discussion is school laptop programs.
Saul Rockman is quoted in the Education Week article called "Mich. Pupils Could Face Online Rule"
The Public Education Network (PEN) Weekly NewsBlast includes a section featuring Theresa Akey's research on "Student Context, Student Attitudes & Behavior, & Academic Achievement"
T.H.E. Journal Online article features Rockman et al's work on the Dyknow Vision Project called “Is the Pen Mightier Than the Mouse?
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