i3 Project Directors Meeting

Meet Adam Moylan at the i3 Project Directors Meeting, July 16-18, in Washington DC. Adam will be participating in the meeting for the WestEd Leading with Learning project.

2017 Citizen Science Association Conference

Meet Camellia Sanford at the 2017 Citizen Science Association conference in St. Paul Minnesota, May 17th-May 20th. Camellia will be co-facilitating a workshop, “What is Your Impact? Learn to Evaluate Your Citizen Science Project” on Weds., May 17th from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

NSF STEM For All Video Showcase

Camellia Sanford will be participating in the online discussion of the Peg + Cat Early Learning of Math Through Media project during the 2017 NSF STEM For All Video Showcase, Monday, May 15th-May 22nd. Researchers, content developers, educators, and members of the general public are invited to vote on their favorite videos and contribute to […]

STEM Media That Matters: Examining Youth Radio’s STEM-Powered Media Production

By Alex Gurn, Ph.D. Young people growing up today must learn to navigate a digitally-mediated world of increasing complexity and contradiction. The ubiquity of digital technology and the rapid expansion in the use of data across all sectors of the economy has reshaped our everyday realities around communication, education, work, and community life. To navigate […]

The Power of Posters!

By Jennifer Borland Reposted from YourEvalPal When I saw this article come through my feed this morning I said “yes, yes, and more yes!”: Posters – They’re Not Just for Conferences Anymore! Having written many a 50+ page report only to have it go un-read, and therefore ultimately unused, I’ve become a firm believer in […]