Saul Rockman

Areas of Expertise:

  • Research and evaluation of technology in formal and informal education settings
  • Evaluation methodology and evaluation professional development
  • Television and radio program evaluation
  • Media and communications studies in formal and informal settings
  • Policy development for media and technology implementation

Saul Rockman has spent more than 35 years as an evaluator, studying the use and impact of media and technology for learning as well as broadly educational projects in formal and informal settings. He is president of Rockman et al, an independent evaluation, research, and consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. The company, now in its 20th year, works with preschool, K-12, postsecondary and adult education institutions, as well as with informal education projects having a wide community or consumer audience. In addition to core education initiatives, such as research on school reform and teacher professional development, Rockman conducts research and evaluation on public television and radio series, museum programs, mobile media and websites, and edutainment products. The company interests include school improvement, education and technology policy, after school programs, audience and consumer impact, and the effects of telecommunications and media.

Saul established Rockman et al after leaving the education marketing group of Apple where he was manager of education research. Prior to joining Apple, Saul was director of technology programs at WestEd in San Francisco, California. Before moving to San Francisco, Saul was director of research at the Agency for Instructional Technology in Bloomington, Indiana.

Saul did his doctoral work in Mass Communications at Indiana University, Bloomington. Saul’s professional interests are wide-ranging, and he is always looking for interesting challenges. In the meantime, he enjoys reading and resting on tropical beaches (and snorkeling off them), or reading and resting in the mountains (but not snorkeling there).