Nisaa Kirtman, M.A.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Research and evaluation design and methodology
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis, including descriptive stats, frequencies, cross-tabulations, ANOVAs, regression analysis, t-tests
  • Report writing/grant narratives

Nisaa Kirtman has over ten years experience conducting research and evaluation in formal and informal settings. Her areas of expertise include qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, statistical analysis, case study methodology, analysis and evaluation of community-based services, program evaluation, report writing and grant narratives, survey design, and database management. As a Research Associate at Rockman, Nisaa manages evaluation projects related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Her projects include the Mississippi Academy for Science Teaching at Jackson State University (Project MAST), funded by the National Science Foundation, and the University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) Understanding Evolution project.

Before coming to Rockman, Nisaa was a researcher at two non-profit research institutes: the Edgewood Center for Children and Families in San Francisco (the Institute for the Study of Community-Based Services) and the East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) in Oakland. She also served as Senior Analyst and owner of her own research consulting business in Santa Rosa. Nisaa’s academic interests are in the areas of social psychology and the behavioral sciences. Nisaa has a Master’s degree in social psychology from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s degree from Scripps College (the women’s college). During her time at SFSU she studied “stereotype threat,” and understanding contextual factors that cause stereotyped groups to underperform in certain domains (women in math/science domains; Black Americans in academic settings). In her free time she enjoys sculpting, exercising, reading, and parenting.