Justin Mead Robertson

Justin has wide-ranging experience in project administration, museum education, and website support. In the Bloomington office, Justin oversees the coordination and management of data collection as well as managing all administrative duties. Justin is also responsible for online survey and website development. Since joining Rockman in 2002, Justin has been an instrumental component of over forty multi-year evaluation projects, including National History Day, PBS: KIDS GO!, New Visions for Public Schools: Hunter College Evaluation, as well as the PBS television programs The Music Instinct and Earth the Operators’ Manual. Previously, Justin researched, designed and implemented exhibits for the Indiana Historical Society while also writing and producing a bi-monthly radio show that explored unique aspects of Indiana history throughout the 20th century. He earned his bachelor’s degree in anthropology, communication and culture from Indiana University. Justin is also an experienced performer who acts with local theatre troupes and performs with The Indiana Shakespeare Company.